Time Till The Next Noise Toaster








Operation Noise Toaster

Operation Noise Toaster is a Phoenix, AZ based experimental music and noise event that is part show, part community gathering. Using the phenomenal¬†capabilities of The Chaos System and it’s ability to run at it’s highest levels without distortion, we are building a platform to allow musicians and artists the opportunity to express themselves in a way simply not generally possible to them.

The event combines audio, lights, fog machines, and often projection, in a mess of sensory stimulus that is akin to a hallucinatory experience. It’s always evolving, never exactly the same thing, and always welcoming to artists wanting the chance to hear themselves in a way not offered in many spaces.

If you would like to participate join our group on Facebook for news on what’s upcoming. We keep the group private to eliminate issues with spam, but are welcoming to artists who want help build the event with us!