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Upgrades again!

Better Hosting…

The site has been moved away from GoDaddy and their stupid “Managed” WP hosting to SiteGround. Updates to the site have actually been on hold due to memory issues not being simply resolvable with the GoDaddy setup. Now it’s all fully functional and updated, so hopefully that means i’ll be more active keeping up with the site.

ONT Archives…

Now that i can actually do updates, i did one i’ve wanted since this issue came up. Now the Operation Noise Toaster Archives has been reformatted so that the links are reversed and the listing are as well. This means the most recent stuff is at the top. I’ve added all of the YouTube stuff and all in between events (Except 4. Still figuring out a copyright problem). Next will be doing the sound archives.

New addition to the archives is that i’ll now be editing the video portion in segments. Since we upgraded with the Moment Lens and the RØDE NT4 mic, these are very high quality fully legit recordings… So having the video split up for acts will be a new and awesome addition!


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