Always building...

New Stuff

New Stuff and a new space…

On we strive to keep making things and build up. The Chaos System has a few new equipment additions coming to the next show, and the next show will be at a new space that looks to be pretty big!

We’ll be coming out with a new portable rack case with some outboard gear and a new mounting system for the iPhone and iPad. Should make a lot of setup far easier. We’ll also have a new passive analog attenuator and a dbx Limiter to double redundantly protect the system, and also just to keep the sound from being super annoying if something pops (thus protecting your ears a bit). This should in theory add zero extra coloration to the signal, but will allow for the system output to be tamed if necessary without changing the hybrid mixers output levels, due to the fact that the mixer levels effect the recording volume in the gain staging.

The new space will be near 16th street and Roosevelt in Phoenix proper. Time again to test a new space and it’s ability to tolerate what we are capable of. The whole system will be coming out and so should you. We’ll have a massive amount of room to play with, akin to some of the original show that we did outside at the old Firehouse/Outer Space property in the big lot.

Should be pretty awesome!